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Different teams will have to solve set challenges in a cooperative way as well as using the programmed Bee-Bot robots. In the workshop, we will create different challenges at different levels of difficulty where logic will be used, as well as imagination and team-working in a group to overcome the various challenges. It is an activity that is suitable for all ages, even though the perception of Bee-Bots is that they are focused on early childhood education. The truth is that they have a great potential to amplify the planning of activities for all ages, including their use to encourage and improve teamwork between work colleagues in business.

In this way, we will set different challenges that the participants with have to overcome.

WORKSHOP NAME: “Makey it”!

This workshop is based on the programming and construction of pianos with fruit through the Makey Makeys devices. 

The Makey Makeys, the pieces of fruit, the instructions and the computers will be distributed in pairs or groups of three people. The Makey Makey serves as a connector for whatever object that contains water or is metallic and then click on the computer to make the button. The computer thinks that a computer key is being pressed when it touches the connected object and the program designed by the children recognizes it and sounds a particular musical note.

Even though it seems to be a dynamic complication, it is really easy to do. In fact we have done it in schools with students of the second cycle of primary education, without much difficulty. In any case, the person in charge of the monitoring will assist you in every doubt that you may have in trying to understand the challenge. We will load the computers with programs that are easy to manage for the young children that are having difficulties.


Nunus is a device that projects on to the ground and is transformed into an interactive space that is capabale of detecting the position of the child and can recognise the different parts of the body.

We will create different games using this machine.

 WORKSHOP NAME: “Game of Thrones”!

In an indoor area, we propose different guides to flights that the children can follow. Firstly, they have to create the route that the drone will fly, using tablets to program the drone, and ensuring that it follows the flight path that has been indicated.

There are a total of 15 routes designed for different levels of difficulty (for students from fourth of Primary up to second of Batxillerat).  This workshop has great potential to motivate the students to work in groups,


This workshop consists of designing video games like “Super Mario Bros Arcade” in a way that is very visual and intuitive. The children can use plastic tablets that are called “Bloxels”, with a specific program, finally designing their own screens with their own character profile, (personalities, evil characters etc… ).

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