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Public or private institutes and schools can participate, which have registered before Friday, March 1st., 2024.

The levels that can participate are 1st. and 2nd. ESO. Anglophones cannot participate.

Each participating centre must produce a video of a maximum of 5 minutes, with the participation of 4 students, on one of the following topics:


a)     Create a book trailer - Instead of a traditional book report, students will have the opportunity to think creatively and share a story.


b)    Fast food or locally produced food:  Which has a lower CO2 footprint?

c)     Re-create a moment in history - Have students research and recreate major moments in history.


d)    Make a “how-to” video – students can practice their informative writing skills by making short videos that explain how to bake a cake, ride a skateboard, or shoot a soccer goal.


e)    Tour our school - A student-led tour of their school, from the cafeteria to the library to the front office.


f)      Living in the city versus living in the countryside.


g)     Education in the future.


h)    What we do in our free time and what our grandparents did.

Debats Tortosa English festival.jpg

These videos must be sent to the following address before Friday, March 8th 2024.

A jury will evaluate the work based on criteria that will be given at the time of registration and will give a score that will be added to the test they will take at 10:00 on March 15th. at the URV. The representative teams of these centres, with 4 students per team, will pass to the second phase, which will consist of two elimination tests. It will take place during the morning of March 15th. in the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Campus de les Terres de l'Ebre.

This second phase will consist of 10 minutes of dialogue between the 4 members of each team, about various daily situations that will be provided to them when the activity starts.  Beforehand, 15 minutes will be available for all the teams to prepare their dialogue. A jury will evaluate the corresponding dialogues, following the transmitted criteria, and after evaluating all the tasks performed, two teams will be chosen to go to the final.

The final will consist of a debate on one of the following topics that will be decided by a prior draw:

  1. Students should have daily housework tasks at home.

  2. Pros and cons of online shopping 

  3. Pros and cons of using computer equipment in class.

  4. Graffiti on public buildings and transport should be allowed.

  5. Mobile phone should not be permitted in schools.

  6. Celebrities should be allowed to have their own privacy.

  7. The use of plastic packaging should be banned.


The final phase will be open to the public, can be recorded, and will take place on Friday, March 15th., 2024, at 12:00 in the morning, in the Rovira i Virgili University room Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Terres de l'Ebre Campus.

The jury will be made up of representatives from TIEFA



The final verdict will be made public once the jury has deliberated at the end of the last competition, and the prizes will be awarded during the Festival.

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